07/09 - 21/09/2007


I’ll Be Your Model: A Service For You

Concept & Direction: Till Nikolaus von Heiseler

Artistic Execution: Janus von Abaton, Till Nikolaus von Heiseler, Sophia Nabokov u.a. Journalistic

Texts: Cathrine Claudel


Lara X. Schiffer poses for artists and then exhibits the works that they create. Simultaneously, Lara X. Schiffer documents the process with a video camera. Lara X. Schiffer sees herself not as an artist, but as the servant and moderator of a creative process.


The exhibition is a preview of the project, a public reflection on its possibilities and potentials. It will present initial works by artists who have portrayed and "staged" her along with video documentations of the working process. Above all, the project's working method will be presented and its thematic and aesthetic found-ations will be explored further in collaboration with the public.

For more information please visit: www.formatlabor.net/lara

Lara X. Schiffer was born in 1984 in La Paz, Bolivia. Her work is concerned with authorship and the illusion of empanzipation.




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